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Best Dewormer For Cats

Deworming your cat is an essential part of being a good owner. Cats are susceptible to three types of intestinal worms: tapeworm, roundworm and hookworm. Whilst contracting these worms is not serious, if they are left untreated they can cause serious issues. Even healthy cats can have worms so do not wait for signs that […]

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10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Cats have a bit of an unfair reputation as antisocial, selfish pets. If you search quotes about cats, it’s likely you’ll see “A dog is a man’s best friend. A cat is a cat’s best friend”; and “As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat”. However, as cat owners, we understand this reputation is […]

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8 Crazy Cat Facts

There’s so much you probably didn’t know about cats so we have compiled a list of the most surprising facts about our furry overlords. Don’t miss fact number 6! 1. The relationship between cats and humans goes back between 12,000 and 9,500 years. Researchers believe that cats and humans began to develop a mutually beneficial […]

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