Cat Nutrition

Nutrition is important for your kitty. Our nutrition section at Cats Are On Top is here to help you make healthy food choices for your pet.
If you’re not sure where to start reading, here’s a list of recommended articles:

Dry Cat Food Brand Reviews Guide

What Are Cats Allergic to?

Humans’ allergies have been on the rise for decades and nobody knows exactly why. Some believe that the decreased amount of harmful parasites we have to face means our bodies overreact to allergens. Others suggest that our increasingly sanitized lifestyles mean our bodies aren’t exposed to enough allergens at a young age to build up […]

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How Much Should You Feed Your Cat

Maybe you have a husky furball on your hands. Maybe your furry friend has been losing weight. Maybe you just brought your first kitten home. No matter the situation, a cat owner will often reach a point where wondering how much to feed a cat comes to mind. While animal nutrition doesn’t have to be […]

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A Guide to the Best Cat Vitamins and Supplements

Many cat owners overlook vitamins and supplements for felines. For the most part, that’s just fine. By feeding your furry friend a high-quality kibble, you’ll give them the vast majority of vitamins and minerals required to keep a cat healthy and happy for years to come. Still, there are times when cat vitamins and supplements […]

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How Much Should a Cat Eat?

First-time cat owners could get confused. How much should a cat eat? Many believe you just put food in its bowl and refill it when you notice there’s no more left. While that’s certainly one way to feed your cat, it pays to pay a little more attention. Feeding your cat certainly doesn’t need to […]

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The Best Dry Cat Food – 2018 Reviews Edition

Finding the perfect food for your felines isn’t as easy as it could be. Many cheaper dry cat food brands don’t offer proper nutrition for cats. Some of the worst ones will leave your cat with diabetes or another illness when they’re older. You get what you pay for when food for your furry friends […]

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The Best Food for Your Cat’s Urinary Health

All animals are prone to different problems. As humans, we suffer from heart issues and cancer all too often. Each species is bound to be prone to certain health problems. It’s just a part of life. Cats often struggle with similar problems as humans do. A few common ones include diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Urinary health […]

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The Best Cat Food for Hyperthyroidism

Cats are small creatures. They’re nimble, agile, and quick. They also get sick easily. While nine lives can come in useful, your furry friend doesn’t want to live one of them in pain. So it’s important to keep an eye out for signs and symptoms of common issues in cats. Some of the most important […]

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Best Cat Food for IBS

Does it seem like your cat is struggling with stomach problems more than others?  Are they throwing up often, coping with diarrhea, and eating less? Consistent problems with any of the above issues may be a sign your cat is suffering from inflammatory bowel syndrome or IBS.  And what’s even more, is you may be feeding your cat the […]

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