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Mouse Flavored Cat Food

Many people are wondering, why don’t manufacturers produce mouse-flavored cat food?

If you own an outdoor cat that enjoys venturing into the big wide world chances are your fluffy friend has brought you back a gift or two from his travels. This is often a tasty titbit such as a frog, bird, rat or mouse – just what you want to find on your doorstep after breakfast!

Cat and mouse is an age-old game of chase, and predator felines seem to love nothing more than hunting down their small and fury prey, leaping on it, toying with it and then half-eating it! So, why do you not find supermarket shelves stacked with munchy mouse or mouth-watering mice flavored cat food?

It’s seems like a good idea on paper – there are lots of mice roaming garages, sheds and fields and they aren’t exactly loved by the world, are they? We could kill two birds (or mice) with one stone, deplete rodents and feeds our cats! The store shelves are laden with natural salmon and wholesome chicken, and these prove popular with discerning owners looking to feed their pet the very best.

*The product above do exist, however it’s just mouse-flavor. Means it’s just artificial and there isn’t any mouse inside.

Maybe that’s why mouse isn’t on the menu – it just doesn’t sit well does it? Feeding your pampered puss a scroungy rodent that’s been scampering who knows where! Somehow, we can’t see a tin or pouch if minced mouse having quite the same appeal as tuna or fresh turkey. Plus, you wouldn’t get much in the way of meat from a mouse.

How many little mice would the manufacturers need to cull in order to produce vast quantities of cat food?

Moreover, if the manufacturers do want to create it, they would need to grow millions of mice, and find a way to keep them healthy and kill them softly. They also would have to get the FDA approval  that the ingredients(=mice) used are safe, which my be complicated.

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