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How to Make Your Cat Famous on Instagram

In what may be one of the most peculiar phenomena of our time, cats and dogs are becoming more famous than people. Instagram is overflowing with pictures and videos of cats from carefully curated channels which turn common pets into celebrities. These fluffballs attract thousands of followers and are a potential money spinner for their […]

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Cat Logic

I just found out this amazing video on Youtube and couldn’t stop laugh. So I’m taking a little break from my regular informative posts in order to share it with you. Copyrights –  Cole and Marmalade channel Enjoy  :]

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The Best Halloween Costumes for Cats

Dressing up for Halloween is essential, whether you’re a terrifying ghoul or wicked witch. Your cat is the perfect Halloween accessory and fortunately for you, there are plenty of options to choose from. Despite being a revered companion to humans in ancient Egypt and Rome, during the Middle Ages cats became demonized in Europe. They […]

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Cats vs Cucumbers

Are all cats afraid of cucumbers? Probably not. In this video you gonna see some cats that handling well with the new item, as well as cats that jump just like the picture above. Let’s see who’s gonna win…

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