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The 15 Best Toys for Cats 2020

Cats can be finicky animals. One day they’re easily amused and other days you can’t get them to move a paw from the couch. When it comes to finding the best toys for our cats, we often find out that cats may love a toy one day, ignore it the next, and then destroy it shortly after that. […]

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The 10 Best Cat Tree Reviews of 2020

Cat trees or kitty furniture – no matter what you call them, it’s hard to deny the popularity of these products with both pet owners and their furry ones. Whether you’re dealing with a frisky kitten or a laid back old codger of a cat, this guide should help you find the best type of condo for your […]

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The Best Dry Cat Food 2020

Finding the perfect food for your felines isn’t as easy as it could be. Many cheaper dry cat food brands don’t offer proper nutrition for cats. Some of the worst ones will leave your cat with diabetes or another illness when they’re older. You get what you pay for when food for your furry friends […]

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The 10 Largest House Cat Breeds

Large domestic house cats are popular pets. And for good reasons! These cuddly fur balls are easy to take care of, friendly, and a lot of fun. Plus, some of these felines remind us of the big cats in the jungle. You see ole’ Whiskers hunting down a piece of yarn hanging from your jacket, […]

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The Best Food for Your Cat’s Urinary Health

Last update: All animals are prone to different problems. As humans, we suffer from heart issues and cancer all too often. Each species is bound to be prone to certain health problems. It’s just a part of life. Cats often struggle with similar problems as humans do. A few common ones include diabetes and hyperthyroidism. […]

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What do I do with my cat if I go on vacation?

Are you planning a nice vacation? Good for you, but before you get packing you should spare a thought for kitty. What are you going to do with puss? It’s wise to make a decision as soon as possible – are you going somewhere you could take your fluffy friend or are you planning to […]

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