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25 Best Cat Jokes

We collected the funniest cat jokes around so you all can enjoy and laugh with your feline friend. #12 is great.   1. There was a man who couldn’t stand his wife’s cat. So, one day, he decided to get rid of him by dumping him a long way away from the house. He put the […]

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10 Things Cats Hate

Cats are complex creatures, strong-willed and independent, they have an air of grace and poise. They also possess an aloofness that makes us, their lowly owners, feel lucky to even be in their presence.  We want to please our feline friends, we long to hear them purr and feel the warmth of their fluffy faces […]

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Down Syndrome Cat

Can Cats Have Down Syndrome? Felines, like all living creatures, are unique and fascinating. Very intelligent, curious and independent, cats have an aura of superiority that sets them aside from other animals. Cats are renowned for being nimble and gracious, playful and lazy in equal measure. They have a tendency to please themselves and it’s […]

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Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Following my last post about Cats and Boxes, here is a little explanation to the phenomenon. Just bought yourself a nice new pair of sneakers? Great – a nice new treat for your feet and the shoe box will make your beloved kitty purr with delight. What is it with cats and boxes? Why do they […]

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Cats and Boxes

Fozzie adores boxes, we can’t forget how he spent an hour on Christmas day curled up in a new shoebox with one trainer still in it. Finally we gave him the box as a present. Here are some more cats who like boxes: Cats & Boxes compilation (the cat at 0:52 is awesome!)   Cats […]

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Cats Q & A

Many users ask me questions via comments, email and even my personal Facebook page, so I decided to make a Q & A post so you all can enjoy. Cats are fascinating creatures – independent, strong-willed and curious. Although they like to explore and seek new pleasures, they don’t seem to be overly interested in […]

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Does Your Cat Have a Better Social Life Than You?

Cats are mysterious creatures. Who knows what they’re thinking, where they go or, most interestingly, who their friends are. You may think that you are your cat’s number one best buddy, but perhaps your feline friend feels differently. Your cat’s social life is a mystery and an intriguing one at that. By nature, cats are […]

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Cat in the claw machine

This video really makes me laugh and wondering about cat personality. I can never manage to get something from those claw machines, and I guess this sleepy cat doesn’t make it easier….     And here is another one of 2 cats deciding to just sit there… Hope you like it too!!    

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5 Signs Your Cat Is Bored

We’ve all experienced that feeling of listlessness, when you’re at a loss at what to do and feeling generally bored. Well it’s not just us humans that feel fed up from time to time, our pets sometimes feel that way too. Cats can’t just come and have a whinge at us or ask us to […]

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