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Why Do Cats Like To Cuddle So Much?

Got a cuddly kitty who likes nothing more than snuggling up close to you? Not everyone has the pleasure of a loving cat so enjoy it! Some cats prefer to eyeball their owners from a distance rather than get up close and personal. Cats do have a reputation for being aloof and a little snobbish […]

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How to Walk Your Cat on a Leash

Want to broaden your cat’s horizons but too skittish to let your beloved puss go wondering around the big wide world all on his lonesome? There’s no need to restrict your cat to the house, simply put kitty on a leash and take him for a walk outside. No, we haven’t confused our feline friends […]

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How to Help A Teething Kitten

Just like little babies, kittens will go through a stage of teething, which can be painful and result in your little ball off fluff chewing up everything in sight. So, how do you help ease his discomfort (and save your slippers in the process)? Let’s explore the best ways to help a teething kitten. The […]

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The 10 Best Cat Tree Reviews of 2018

Cat trees or kitty furniture – no matter what you call them, it’s hard to deny the popularity of these products with both pet owners and their furry ones. Whether you’re dealing with a frisky kitten or a laid back old codger of a cat, this guide should help you find the best type of condo for your […]

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The 15 Best Toys for Cats 2018

Cats can be finicky animals. One day they’re easily amused and other days you can’t get them to move a paw from the couch. When it comes to finding the best toys for our cats, we often find out that cats may love a toy one day, ignore it the next, and then destroy it shortly after that. […]

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Best Vacuum cleaner for Cat Litter

It doesn’t seem to matter how well you train your kitty, cat litter always manages to make its way out of the box. Even covered litter trays and cat matts can’t stop the inevitable trail of litter through your home. This results in an unhygienic trail that can feel impossible to tackle sometimes. Especially if […]

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8 More Crazy Cat Facts

Welcome to Crazy Cat Facts Part 2 ! If you miss it for some reason, you are more than welcome to check out the first part. Cats are curious, intelligent and full of surprises. You might class yourself as a bit of a cat-expert, but there might be one or two things that you have […]

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