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Best Homemade Cat Food

There are so many brands of cat food on the market – wet food served in tins, wet food served in trays, dry food in huge sacks that you can decant as and when you need it. From AvoDerm through to Ziwi Pets there’s an A-Z of cat food manufacturers out there all waiting to […]

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Best Cat Food

Do you want to make sure your cat stays healthy, happy and content? Of course, you do, you are a loyal cat owner after all, dedicated to providing love, attention, comfort and care for your beloved pet. As well as affection it’s your job to provide kitty with nourishing and appetizing cat food. How much […]

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How Cats See the World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cat? Cats have a noble grace about them, some might say they even have a bit of a superiority complex. They are able to lounge on furry rugs, take up position on a comfy chair, and delicately balance on the windowsill to keep […]

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Does Your Cat Have a Better Social Life Than You?

Cats are mysterious creatures. Who knows what they’re thinking, where they go or, most interestingly, who their friends are. You may think that you are your cat’s number one best buddy, but perhaps your feline friend feels differently. Your cat’s social life is a mystery and an intriguing one at that. By nature, cats are […]

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10 Things Cats Hate

Cats are complex creatures, strong-willed and independent, they have an air of grace and poise. They also possess an aloofness that makes us, their lowly owners, feel lucky to even be in their presence.  We want to please our feline friends, we long to hear them purr and feel the warmth of their fluffy faces […]

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29 Best Cat Memes

I really like cat memes since they sometimes express the real life with Fozzie. Here are to funniest cat memes on the internet! At least in my opinion …                                             Have more memes? Add them […]

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25 Best Cat Jokes

We collected the funniest cat jokes around so you all can enjoy and laugh with your feline friend. #12 is great.   1. There was a man who couldn’t stand his wife’s cat. So, one day, he decided to get rid of him by dumping him a long way away from the house. He put the […]

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Why Do Cats Like To Cuddle So Much?

Got a cuddly kitty who likes nothing more than snuggling up close to you? Not everyone has the pleasure of a loving cat so enjoy it! Some cats prefer to eyeball their owners from a distance rather than get up close and personal. Cats do have a reputation for being aloof and a little snobbish […]

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