Cat Nutrition

Nutrition is important for your kitty. Our nutrition section at Cats Are On Top is here to help you make healthy food choices for your pet.
If you’re not sure where to start reading, here’s a list of recommended articles:

Dry Cat Food Brand Reviews Guide

How Much Should a Cat Eat?

First-time cat owners could get confused. How much should a cat eat? Many believe you just put food in its bowl and refill it when you notice there’s no more left. While that’s certainly one way to feed your cat, it pays to pay a little more attention. Feeding your cat certainly doesn’t need to […]

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Best Cat Food for IBS

Does it seem like your cat is struggling with stomach problems more than others?  Are they throwing up often, coping with diarrhea, and eating less? Consistent problems with any of the above issues may be a sign your cat is suffering from inflammatory bowel syndrome or IBS.  And what’s even more, is you may be feeding your cat the […]

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