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Best Cat Food for IBS

Does it seem like your cat is struggling with stomach problems more than others?  Are they throwing up often, coping with diarrhea, and eating less?

Consistent problems with any of the above issues may be a sign your cat is suffering from inflammatory bowel syndrome or IBS.  And what’s even more, is you may be feeding your cat the wrong food to deal with it. So we’ve decided to tackle the problem of finding the best cat food for IBS symptoms. 

What is Feline IBS?

IBS is also called inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, and refer to any symptoms that continually affect the digestive system of your cat. IBS is commonly seen in cats, as the majority of felines struggle with at least a small case of IBS over the course of their lifetime.

IBS can be caused by a multitude of factors. Common IBS causes in cats stem from bacteria, parasites, allergies, the breakdown of the walls inside the stomach, and much more.

Well over 50% of IBS cases are a direct result of a cat’s diet. Lactose coming from dairy products and too many carbohydrates are the main culprits for dietary IBS in cats.

Quick Overview of IBS Symptoms in Cats

IBS and IBD are often used interchangeably when discussing stomach pains and problems in cats. However, IBS is medically seen as the early stages of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Thus – IBD is potentially much more problematic for your furry friend.

IBD can actually lead to the death of your cat. Cats with severe cases of IBD will often stop eating anything. The pain eating can cause these cats makes them avoid food at all costs. Occasionally, one of the costs will be death. Many experts have also concluded that IBD can lead to cases of intestinal lymphoma in cats, another common cause of death for felines.

ibs symptoms
While death is rare from IBD, as you would have to neglect your little furball for some time before it occurred – the other symptoms of IBS are common. We have discussed that IBS can cause bouts with constipation. Vomiting, diarrhea, eating less, and more.

Cat owners must note that these symptoms must be occurring consistently for IBS to be labeled the cause. If your cat throws up for one or two, then he or she probably doesn’t have IBS. If your cat has diarrhea for a week or so, then a vet trip may be needed (with IBS as the culprit).

It’s important to monitor your cat’s bowel movements now and then to ensure your cat is not suffering from this condition. The earlier a cat owners spots IBS, the easier (and cheaper) it will be to correct.

Best Cat Food for IBS

If you're able to notice signs of IBS early on, then you may be able to heal your cat with a simple dietary change. Some cats food are better for cats with sensitive stomachs and IBS than others. Some brands of cat food were specifically created with IBS in mind. Through trial and error, we have found three cat foods that work well to combat IBS in cats.

The key when looking searching for an IBS-friendly cat food is to look for a hypo-allergenic formula. Hypo-allergenic formulas often use venison, rabbit, and duck as protein sources (not always). These meats are gentle on a kitty's tummy and help to get rid of IBS.

Here are our 3 recommendations:
primal freeze dried nuggets

Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Feline Chicken and Salmon Formula
For cat owners starting to pick up on a cat's suffering – this is a good cat food for IBS to start with. Many have reported this formula significantly improves a cat's struggles with IBS before a vet visit is necessary.

hound and gatos

Hound & Gatos Chicken Formula Cat Food
Another great cat food for felines who began suffering from IBS. Hound & Gatos is made with 100% animal protein. The high quality, simple ingredients used in this formula are incredibly easy for your furry friend to digest.

pura vida cat food

Pure Vita Grain Free Chicken Stew Can Cat Food:
If your loveable furball just won't eat anything due to IBS, we recommend giving this wet canned food a try. The ingredients are simple and of great quality. Cats absolutely love the taste of this food. If your feline won't eat this food – it's probably time for a vet visit.

Pro-Tip: If vet visits and different cat food formulas cannot solve your cat's problem with IBS, then there is one alternative to try. It's a bit pricey, but it's worth it – especially if a vet visit didn't bring the results you'd hoped for. The Treatment Resistant Diarrhea and Vomiting Cat package from Vitality Science has been proven to work wonders for cats with extreme IBS (or IBD).

If you catch the beginning stages of IBS in your cat, then a quick change in diet could clear things up. All the food listed above have been shown to help a cat get rid of IBS. However, any cat owner who is worried about his furry friend's digestion or stomach problems should visit the vet.

Try a change in diet first, but understand that IBS and IBD are major medical issues for many cats. So a vet visit often will be necessary.

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