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Why Do Cats Like To Cuddle So Much?

Got a cuddly kitty who likes nothing more than snuggling up close to you? Not everyone has the pleasure of a loving cat so enjoy it! Some cats prefer to eyeball their owners from a distance rather than get up close and personal. Cats do have a reputation for being aloof and a little snobbish when it comes to letting people get close to them, but many actually really enjoy human company.

Your Cat Needs a Safe Haven

If puss has come to you for some fuss you should feel very honoured, you are obviously considered to be warm and friendly. Cats like to feel protected and safe, they seem to take comfort from places that are pleasant and where they can feel at ease. Cats love boxes – they are seen as a prime hiding place for a kitty in need of solace, as is the lap of a cordial human being!

Your Cat Needs a Friend

Yes, cats can be loners sometimes, they like to do things on their terms and do not seek constant company from other animals or us pesky humans. However, when the mood takes them cats can be sociable creatures.

They do actually enjoy attention and crave love (just when it suits them)! If you are off out to work all day long your cat could feel exceptionally lonely, so when you return he will naturally want to spend a bit of quality time with you (after he has given you a dirty look and shoved his bum in your face for your rude absence)!

Cats Love to FaceTime

They haven’t worked out how to use the App yet, but if they did we think your kitty would love to FaceTime his pals! Why? Because cats love nothing better than getting right up in the face of the cat they are trying to communicate with. Cat communication is all about reading one another’s face, so your moggy obviously wants to do the same to you – his favorite human being.

Cats Know How to Eskimo Kiss

An Eskimo Kiss, based on an Inuit greeting known as kunik, involves pressing the tip of your nose against another person’s nose, and your cat just loves dishing out Eskimo Kisses to his nearest and dearest kitty pals.

Cats have faces that are comparatively similar to ours, a nose at the front in the middle and two eyes just above, their features may look different, but for the main, things are in the same sort of place. When you come face to face with your cat he will be looking you in the eyes and his nose will be close too yours (just like two cats coming face to face).

Your cat just wants to acknowledge you in the same way he would any of his furry companions. You are an honorary cat – well done!

Cats Love A Bit of Allorubbing

Does your cat like to cuddle by rubbing his face on yours? The technical term for two cats getting up close for a spot of face-to-face snuggling is “allorubbing” (which is friendly behaviour in the cat world). Your puss has scent glands on his face, so when he faces rubs another cat he is actually rubbing his scent onto him. You might have also noticed your cat rubbing his face on pillows or other things around the home.

He is effectively rubbing his distinctive aroma onto these items, in a sort of “that’s mine,” way! If you are being face rubbed too your cat is suggesting that you are special to him, a little face snuggle will mark you with his scent, implying you belong to him and are in his little gang!

Cats Like to Look Good

Cats might also want to get up close to you as part of their beauty regime. Cats are quite vain, they like to be clean and enjoy nothing more than grooming themselves. Puss will sometimes choose to groom other felines too – friendly cats often engage in licking one another in an attempt to look lovely and cement their friendship.

Cuddling Is Good for Cats and Humans Too!

After a stressful day at work it’s nice to come home to a welcoming lounge, plump down on the sofa and be greeted by your fluffy companion. He’s happily rubbing against you, after a quiet day at home he’s glad to see you and is desperate for your attention. The good news is that giving your cat plenty of fuss can also be beneficial to you too.

Stroking your cat can result in the release of oxytocin in both cats and humans. Oxytocin is a hormone that can make you feel content and happy and it’s often called the “love” hormone. So, a little bit of fuss will do you both the world of good.


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