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Cats Q & A – Part 2

Following on from our popular Cats Q & A post we have decided to compile a part two for your entertainment. Here we look at a few more cat related questions we have been asked via comments, email and the Facebook page. Join us on a journey of discovery as we delve into the mysterious world of felines.

11. Q: Can Cats Taste Sweet Stuff?  

A: Oh, the joy of feasting on a sugar-glazed doughnut or retrieving a triple choc chip cookie from the jar. Sadly, cats will never know the delight of satisfying a sweet tooth – they just don’t have one! Cats have different taste receptors to human beings, which means they do not recognise the taste of sweetness.

When it comes to taste-buds cats are lacking, they have a mere 473 compared to the 9000 we human beings possess. Cats do enjoy their food though, and many have a varied (and interesting diet)!

12. Q: Are Prisoners Allowed to Keep Cats?

A: Most prisons have a pet free policy – we can understand why – imagine a high-security jail complete with cushy kennels for Spot the dog, a climbing tower for Fluffy the cat and a gilded bird-cage for Polly the parrot (this takes the phrase jail-bird to an entirely new level)!

However, Indiana State Prison allows prisoners to adopt a cat and keep it in their cell. We understand the sentiments here, after all stroking a kitty can leave you feeling soothed and calm, so perhaps providing hardened criminals with pussy cats to care for will improve their mood and help to keep order!

13. Q: Why Is My Cat So Interested in My Feet?

A: Got a cat that seems to have a passion for your feet? If you’ve noticed your moggy taking an interest (especially when your feet are bare), it could be that he is attracted to their size, movement and smell!

We are not suggesting for one moment that you have pongy feet! But you should keep in mind that cats have sensitive noses, their sense of smell is much more heightened to that of a human being. So, he may want to investigate the unusual aroma invading his space.

Add to this the fact that toes and feet wriggle about – don’t be surprised if your kitty decides it’s playtime as you walk past and pounces on your delicate tootsies! Some cats will lose interest after a while and move on to more interactive playthings – but some remain fascinated by feet! Our advice? Wear slippers!

14. Q: Do Cats Sweat?

A: Everybody sweats, it’s the way we regulate the temperature of the body – without sweat we would be prone to sun stroke or heat exhaustion. Sweating is brought on by exertion, exercise or feeling hot and we generally sweat through glands.

You will find sweat glands in our armpits, on our feet, on our head and between our legs. As human beings sweating is a perfectly normal bodily function. Our feline friends do sweat, but not in the same way we do. Cats do not possess the same sweat glands as us, instead they sweat through their paws.

15. Q: Which Is the Newest Breed on The Block?

A: Out of the way Persian, move aside Maine Coon, take a hike Siamese, you may be popular cat breeds but you’re not the newest – that title goes to the domestic breed – the Selkirk Rex (also known as the poodle cat). The Selkirk Rex has coarse, curly locks – covering its body in layers (hence it’s “poodle” nickname). Originating in Montana, USA in 1987, the new breed came about via spontaneous genetic mutation and has been recognised numerous associations.

We do hope you enjoyed out Cat Q&A Part 2. We would love to hear from you if you have any comments, questions or wonderful cat insights to share with us. We look forward to hearing from you! Big Purrs x

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