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Cats Q & A

Many users ask me questions via comments, email and even my personal Facebook page, so I decided to make a Q & A post so you all can enjoy.

Cats are fascinating creatures – independent, strong-willed and curious. Although they like to explore and seek new pleasures, they don’t seem to be overly interested in us mere mortals. We, on the other hand, are keen to learn all we can about our fluffy friends in our quest to please them. Check out our cat Q&A and swot up on all things feline.

1. Q: Are cats color blind?

A: No! Many people think they are but cats can actually see colors. They can tell the difference between red, yellow, and blue, and can differentiate between green and red lights. It is also possible that cats can see ultra-violet.

2. Q: Should I let my cat outside?

A: This is a difficult question and one which can cause lively debate amongst cat owners. If you keep your cat inside he will be safe from harm and the dangers associated with the big wide world (busy roads, unkind people, full on cat fights etc). However, your moggy will miss out on seeing the world in all its glory. Cats are known as inquisitive and intelligent creature who love to explore, with this in mind heading outside gives them the perfect opportunity for adventure. It’s a tough call – safety (and possible dullness) versus freedom (with danger for good measure).

3. Q: Can my cat catch my cold?

A: Nope, colds are caused by a rhinovirus (nothing to do with rhino’s)! This means that colds can only be passed around within the same species. So, if you have a cold you can pass it to your best buddy or Great Aunt Margaret, but not to Tiddles the cat, or any other pet for that matter.

4. Q: Will my cat eat me after I die?

A: It’s entirely possible your cat may take an interest in devouring you after your death. If you were to die (with just your cat for company) and no-one were to find you for a while, then your kitty will get hungry. Rather than starve he may well choose to have a munch on you!

5. Q: Are some cats’ gay?

A: This is a tricky one! We don’t know for sure if some cats are gay. A cat may exhibit same-sex behavior, but this could be due to the fact that pussy has been exposed only to kitties of the same gender.

6. Q: Can my cat eat dog food?

A: Cats are not small dogs, they have very different dietary requirements to their canine counterparts and need to take in other nutrients. Cats need more protein in their diets than dogs, and they also require an amino acid known as taurine. Dog food doesn’t contain taurine (dogs don’t need it as they generate their own), so feeding dog food to your puss means he will miss out on this valuable amino acid. A lack of taurine could lead to your cat developing health issues such as heart problems.

There are a couple of other “goodies” a cat requires too – arachidonic acid (a fatty acid) and vitamin A. Dog food contains no arachidonic acid and although there is vitamin A it’s not the sort of vitamin A that cats need. The best food for a cat is high quality feline food, but you might find your pampered puss is partial to human foods too!

7. Q: Are cats better than dogs?

A: What a question. Ask a dog lover and I’m sure you will hear a resounding “No.” Ask a cat lover and you will hear the biggest “Yes,” you have ever heard in your life. Cats are easier to care for, you don’t have to take cats for long winded walks on a wet day and you don’t have to follow them to the park with a poo bag in your hand. Yes, there’s a litter tray to take care of but there are some fabulous designs on the market, including self-cleaning litter trays. So, with a cat you don’t really have to get your hands too dirty at all!

8. Q: Why does my cat bite me sometimes?

A: One minute you are petting your purring kitty cat and the next you are recoiling as your pampered puss nips you. It comes as a surprise but this is just your cat’s way of telling you “Thank you very much but I have had enough of that now.” Cats do bite for other reasons and can nip because they are scared, hurt or feeling irritated and impatient. If you have a kitten then you will soon find out that biting comes with the territory, as your baby cat gnaws and claws everything, and gets the hang of using his new talons and teeth!

9. Q: Are cats warm blooded?

A: Cats are warm blooded, generating heat by turning the food they eat into the much-needed energy to leap and pounce around. On a warm day a moggy cools himself by panting and sweating, cats who venture outdoors on a summer’s day will often be found snoozing in the shade of a large tree.

10. Q: Will My Cat Live Forever?

A: You want your pampered puss to keep you company for as long as possible, and although your cat won’t live forever, you will be pleased to hear that on average, cats live for 12 to 15 years. Indoors cats fare the best (probably because they are not dodging traffic or getting into mischief in trees / with other animals or encountering the other numerous dangers of the big bad world).

There’s Always Something New to Learn.

There are so many questions about cats and so much we still have to learn about these amazing creatures. One thing we do know is that the average feline is smart and sassy and knows how to keep us on our toes, and we love our moggies for that!

Feel free to write your questions on comments and I will try to answer them on the next post :]



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