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Can Cats Eat Seaweed If I Feed It To Them?

The short answer: Yes, cats can eat seaweed. Your kitty will have absolutely no problem consuming seaweed. In fact, seaweed is one of the best foods your cat can consume. This is due to a number of factors.

While many human foods can be consumed by cats. Most of them offer little to none nutritional value to your cat. Sure, your cat can consume a little salmon or ham, but it won’t do much good for him or her.

Nutritional Benefits

Seaweed is much different in this regard. There are numerous nutritional benefits for cats that consume seaweed. Seaweed can act as an antacid for your cat. The nutrients found in the plant can be soothing to your cat’s stomach, even when he or he is not ill.

Seaweed also can be considered a “worming herb” for cats. This means the food can be used to prevent or get rid of worms when consumed by cats. As well, many cat owners have found seaweed keeps a cat’s coat looking great. Seaweed can also treat some allergies in cats.

Seaweed Prevents  Cancer

Not only does seaweed offer the numerous health benefits above for your feline – but the miracle plant can also prevent cancer in cats. Seaweed has been shown to attack cancer cells in a few ways, including:

• Balancing a cat body’s pH
• Attacking free radical before they cause damage
• Preventing Metastasis
• Keeping blood glucose levels low
• Inhibiting cancer cells from multiplying

…And more!

Different types of seaweed combat cancer in cats in various ways. Red, brown, and green seaweed all offer significant cancer-fighting properties for your cat.

Most Cats Love It

While seaweed is great for your cat, it’s also one of their favorite foods. Many cat owners have been rolling their sushi only to find their furry friend begging for some seaweed, not some fish. It’s safe to indulge your cat’s seaweed love and give them treats when you have seaweed on hand.

While you should feel free to feed your cat seaweed on occasion, you need to be smart about where you get the seaweed. It’s crucial to feed your cat high quality seaweed that is human-grade.


Cat owners can feel free to feed their furry friends seaweed on occasion. Seaweed can become a part of your cat’s diet. While traditional cat food (both wet and dry) should be the central component of your cat’s consumption – seaweed is one of the better human foods for our furry friends.

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