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5 Signs Your Cat Is Bored

We’ve all experienced that feeling of listlessness, when you’re at a loss at what to do and feeling generally bored. Well it’s not just us humans that feel fed up from time to time, our pets sometimes feel that way too.

Cats can’t just come and have a whinge at us or ask us to entertain them, so instead they will act in a certain way to demonstrate that they are feeling a bit blue. As a dedicated cat owner you will want to make sure your cat is a happy chappy, so keep an eye open for signs that your feline friend isn’t on top form.

Younger cats like to play (especially kittens), and will find interest in the wonder of the new world around them. Older felines might be less inclined to race around quite so much, but they oftem still have a playful streak, so make sure you take time out to give them plenty of attention and play time.

1. He is sleeping a lot

We all know cats love to nap – it’s one of their favorite past-times! But if your puss seems particularly lethargic or you have noticed he is sleeping much more often than normal, then this could be a sign that your cat isn’t at his best.

If your cat stays indoors he will be prone to sleeping more than a cat that heads outside a lot, but you should still be able to tell if this becomes excessive. If it does then it’s time to take action. Get your cat interested in a toy or game (catnip can work well to encourage your cat to sit up and take notice of you)!

2. He is obsessed with cleaning himself

Cats are clean creatures and enjoy spending time preening and grooming themselves – there’s nothing wrong with being hygienic and your kitty loves to be sanitary. However, if you notice that your cat is getting a bit obsessive with his cleaning routine it could be a sign that he is a bit fed up. Along with compulsive licking you should also take note if your cat begins to shed fur at a more noticeable rate.

Both excessive shedding and grooming can be related to your cat being nervous – a trait sometimes brought on by boredom. If things continue to escalate you could see in a decline in your cat’s well-being, leading to a melancholy moggy.

3. He is ruining everything

You can’t spend every minute fussing your cat, unfortunately work, chores and other less fun things regularly get in the way. Leaving your cat home alone shouldn’t be the end of the world, after all cats are quite solitary pets – they don’t need quite as much attention as their canine counterparts.

However, a cat that’s left alone too much may start to become fed up of his own company. In this situation he may become destructive by clawing walls etc. This is your cat’s way of yelling “Hey you need to spend time with me, I’m exceptionally bored and if you continue to ignore me I shall ruin your home – so there!”

4. He is eating a lot (or not at all!)

Is your cat suddenly ravenous? Eating more than normal and spending much more time examining his food bowl? He could be lingering around it because he is fed up and seeking something to interest him. Us humans can be guilty of munching mindlessly on food we don’t really want or need when we are feeling a bit down, and cats can be just the same. A combination of more food and a disinterest in playing or taking exercise could land you with one fat and unhappy cat.

While some cats turn to their food for comfort, others head the other way. They go off food and show a distinct lack interest at what’s in their bowl. It can be worrying when your cat isn’t eating. Try and tempt him with his favorite food or alter his diet – no-one likes the same food day-in-day-out so make it a bit more exciting for your puss.

5. He is missing the litter box “by mistake”

Has your little kitty friend started to have little accidents here and there? It’s not pleasant and doesn’t make your feel particularly pleased when you walk in and have to start mopping or cleaning after a hard day’s work. It might be frustrating, but your cat could be actually choosing to pee or poop anywhere else than the litter box to get your attention. This is a mini cry for help – a “dirty” protest that you need to acknowledge. You cat could be feeling rather despondent and not impressed by your lack of presence or attention.

So…how to make sure your cat is happy and content?

A bored cat is an unhappy cat, and might start to display some of the behavior outlined above. It distressing for any pet owner to discover their pet is discontent, but you do need to keep a watch for it.

Try and keep boredom at bay by spending quality time with your cat. Play with him (you don’t have to rush out and buy the most expensive cat toy on the market), often an old sock stuffed with catnip or a piece of rope can provide just as much stimulation and entertainment. With plenty of attention and tender loving care you can ensure your cat enjoys his life to the full.




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