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The Best Toys for Older Cats

Cats are playful creatures. Even if your furry friend lays around all day, he or she still needs to play sometime. It doesn’t matter if your furball is a ripe kitten or an old codger – cats have to play.

With this in mind, you may find yourself looking into purchasing some cat toys. In multiple cat households, the cats often don’t need as many toys because they play together. If a puppy is introduced into a household with an older cat, I’ve found the cat and puppy may end up playing, too. However, if you have a cat that is all alone, you’ll need some toys.

Older cats don’t have the same energy as younger ones. So you’ll have to buy toys suited to your cats needs. If you need a full list, check out our guide to the best cat toys here. Older cats love to play, but they can’t spend all day hopping, skipping, and jumping. They need toys that are a little bit on the laid back side. With this in mind, you’ll find the best cat toys for older felines below.

Features to Look for in Toys

There aren’t any features to look for in cat toys. You can find a number of different types of toys for your furry one. The most popular ones seem to be cat teasers and fake mice. Any cat toys on a string are attractive. Lots of these squeak.

Other popular cat toys for older cats include tunnels and hiding places (cat trees are one example). Hidden prey toys trap a treat inside a ball (or another object), and your cat has to figure out how to open it. You can even find “gadget” like cat toys. One popular example is remote controlled mice.

Why It’s Important to Have Toys for Older Cats

We discussed the importance of play for all cats, but it is especially important to the overall health of older cats. If your cat is low on energy, he or she could be unhealthy. By continually encouraging your furball to play, you ensure a longer, healthier life for any feline.

It’s important to understand that a cat not wanting to play one day is not a big deal. Cats have different moods just like humans do, and I’m sure you know this. However, if your cat never wants to play – then you could have a bigger issue on your hands. Try a number of different toys with your cat. If none of them work, then you may need a vet visit to see why your furry friend doesn’t like to play.

Top 5 Toys for Older Cats

Every cat is different. Some cats love play mice. Some prefer to chase a teaser toy around. You’ll have to see what type of toy your cat enjoys the most. Most older cats love the following toys:

1. Cat Dancer – Cat Charmer Wand

cat charmer dance wand review

There’s no doubt your furry friend (no matter his or her age) will love this toy. The Cat Dancer – Cat Charmer Wand is the most popular cat toy for older cats on the market. Highly recommend for all cats. This toy is a perfect starting point for cats that don’t like to play much. If your furball doesn’t like this toy, they don’t like to play.

2. Purrfect Arch Groom Toy

purrfect arch groom toy

More of a cat tree than a toy, but the Purrfect Arch Groom Toy will provide hours of entertainment for your cat. Designed with bristles that groom and massage your cat – many cat owners have found their furry friends rubbing their sides on the Arch Groom for hours on end.

3. SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Mice

skitter critters mice

Spiked with catnip – the SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Mice are sure to entice any cat. The mice offer endless hours of entertainment and don’t move. Perfect for a frisky older cat with low energy.

4. Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy

teaser wand

The Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy is a mouse attached to the end of a string. While basic, I’ll bet money your older cat won’t be able to get enough of it. Just be careful because this toy can be addicting for cats, and cat owners alike. Don’t wear your older cat out too much.

5. Love “N” Creatures – Interactive LED Pointer Cat Toy


led light

Cats like to chase a “laser beam” across the wall and floor. If you’re looking for a cat toy you can entertain your furry friend with while sitting on the couch – this is it! The Love “N” Creatures – Interactive LED Pointer Cat Toy is great, but you have to be careful not to shine it in your cat’s eyes.

If you’re looking to get your older cat back to playing, then these toys will do the job. Just remember not to wear out an older cat too much. A little play is needed. A lot of play could lead to injuries.

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