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Can Cats Eat Toast?

Cats can eat toast. A piece of bread toasted in a toaster will not harm your cat. There are no ingredients in toast that would be poisonous to your cat. However, there is no nutritional benefit for felines who consume toast. This food will do your cat no good.

Cat Owners Beware

can cats eat toast
While your cat can eat toast, you need to be careful with the types of bread you feed your cat and how much. Toast makes a fine small treat for you cat on occasion. You should not feed your cat toast all the time. Bread that you’ve purchased at the store is often packed with preservatives.

Preservatives can be bad for your furry friend’s stomach. As well, these types of bread that you put in a toaster usually have high sugar and salt contents. All cat owners are aware that too much sugar or salt will be bad for a feline.

While cats can eat toast if they’d like – you must make sure your cat never eats any bread dough. The yeast in dough can cause horrible things to happen in your cat’s stomach (if consumed). Steer clear!

How to Feed your Cat Toast

Small amounts of toast are fine. A little bread will not harm your feline. Keep the toast plain. Don’t add any butter, jams, jellies, peanut butter, or other sauces. These sauces just add to the salt and sugar content of your kitty’s treat.

Will My Cat Like Toast?

This will vary from cat to cat. Most cats won’t be too excited about eating a piece of bread. Some will munch down on some toast with no issues, but I’d be willing to bet your cat isn’t that interested.

There are some other human foods that your furry friend will love, and they will offer much better nutritional value. Seaweed is an excellent example of a human food that is healthy for felines, and great for them.


Cat owners can feel free to feed cats toast (and bread) on occasion, but it’s not something your cat will truly love to eat. A nibble now and then is fine, but toast nor bread should become a bigger part of your cat’s diet.

P.S.: Keeping your furry friend away from bread dough cannot be stressed enough! A big vet bill awaits you if you can’t. Be careful with bread dough for the sake of your kitty.

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