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Do Cats Fart? And Why

You thought your furball was a wonderful, cute, and cuddly ball of joy. You’d be laying on the couch, and your furry friend would hop up for a snuggle. The affection and attention was always welcomed. Until now…..

It was a Thursday evening. You had your favorite sitcom flowing on Netflix. After a long day at work, life was good. Then your cat decided to pay you a visit. Snuggled upright on your chest, you two enjoyed that series you always watch together. Then it happens.

You thought your cat had drifted asleep. You were watching a show. Then the smell hit you. Like a ton of bricks! You immediately covered your nose and looked around. You didn’t fart. There’s no one else around – except that cat of yours.

cats have gas just like us

What’s the Deal?

You look down at your furry friend still laying there peacefully and asleep. That smell that hit your nose was anything, but peaceful. You quickly grab your phone and look up, “Do cats fart?” – even though your nose has already answered the question for you.

Yes, cats fart. These felines don’t pass gas as much as other animals – say humans of dogs, but they still have the need to relieve gas on occasion. Often, you can’t smell when a cat passes gas because of the logistics. Cat gas is small and often passed very far from your nose.

…except when your furry friend rips one right next to your face while snuggling!

Then you can really smell it like someone unloaded a litter box right next to your nose. How lovely! Now, this is a rare, rare occurrence. Many people don’t know if cats can let one loose.

Why Cats Fart

So cats can fart, but it’s typically quite rare. So why do cats fart? Well, there are often just a few reasons why your furry friend struggles with gas. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Diet Problems

Modern day cat food isn’t exactly ideal for many feline’s dietary needs. The food is chalk full of filler, and most of the cheaper variety doesn’t have the types of protein your furball needs. On top of that, any cat food filled with too many carbs can give your cat a tummy ache.

If you cat’s stomach is continually upset, then there’s a decent chance he or she will have a little gas. And we all know how stomach gasses get expelled. If your cat seems to be struggling with a dry food, try switching to a wet cat food from Royal Canin.

  • Human Food Blues

If you feed your cat human food regularly, then it should come as no surprised when the heath problems start to creep up. When a cat eats human food and starts to see health issues flare, then it’s almost always flatulence or diarrhea. Avoid giving your cat table scraps and a lot of their gas should go away.

  • Mal-Absorption

Certain cats have health issues that cause them to be gassy. One such issue is mal-absorption. This occurs when your furry friend cannot digest food like an ordinary cat. Often, these types of issues stem from a problem with the digestive tract.

If your cat eats a healthy, wet cat food diet, but still has gas problems, you may want to take them to the vet. Some blood tests and fecal tests should help confirm what the issues are and how to control the farting.

A Farting Diagnosis

Feline health issues should be taken seriously. While fart jokes can be funny, your cat’s well being is no joking matter. Thus, if you notice your cat farting often, then a trip to the vet should be in order.

Cats do not fart that often, especially when considering how much gas your furry friend has to produce for you to notice. As such, underlying health problems are typically associated with farting cats.

At the vet, you’ll be asked a number of questions about the cat’s health, eating habits, and lifestyle. Allergies, changes, and farting will also be considered. Dietary concerns will be first on the docket. If your furry friend eats a well-balanced diet, then physical tests may need to be carried out.

cute kitten passing gas

Breaking Wind the Right Way

Yes, cats can fart. Keep your cat healthy! If your furball breaks wind more often than you’d like, do the right thing. Call the vet and get a quick appointment to make sure your furry friend is perfectly healthy.

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