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Can Cats Eat Baby Food?

Cats can eat baby food. However, there are many caveats to this fact.

First, you’ll need to read the label on all baby foods you’re thinking about feeding your cat. Baby foods can contain ingredients that could be quite harmful to your cat.

jar of baby food
The main two ingredients you’ll want to look out for are onion powder and garlic powder. Cat food with either of these ingredients could send your furry friend to the vet.

Another issue you’ll want to be aware of is how much cat food your feline eats. As we have said before – your cat should be eating cat food (dry and wet) as the central component in his or her diet. Human food, or baby food, is not a substitute for cat food. So you cannot let your cat’s diet become strictly baby food.

More Meat

That being said – your cat will like baby food, especially the meat mixed with vegetables, the plain meat, and the meat sticks that toddlers eat (they look like baby hot dogs). Your cat usually will love these types of baby food because they are meat, and your cat is a carnivore.

Feed Baby Food to Your Cat When They’re Sick

Many cat owners have found baby food vital to a cat’s health when he or she gets sick. If your cat is ill, then chances are they won’t want to eat anything. When a cat gets sick, the problem often revolves around the stomach. Cats rarely get head colds like us humans do.

can sick cats eat baby food
As a cat’s sickness will usually involve the stomach, most cats tend to stop eating when sick. They have an upset stomach and believe they should avoid food until the problem goes away. The issue is that your cat needs to eat to give his or her body energy to get rid of the problem. Without more food – your cat could become even more sick.

This is where baby food comes into play for your furry friend. Baby food is a good food to feed your cat when he or she is sick, and avoiding the regular cat food.

Cats love the taste of meat-based baby food. The baby food features a complete nutritional formula and will not upset your cat’s stomach further. Many times baby food will be the only thing your cat will eat when sick.



Your cat can eat baby food as long as no ingredients that are toxic to them are included in the recipe.

Keep a few cans of meat-based baby food on hand for when your cat gets sick, but don’t feed your cat this food if he or she is still downing kibble.

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