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Can Cats Eat Toast?

Cats can eat toast. A piece of bread toasted in a toaster will not harm your cat. There are no ingredients in toast that would be poisonous to your cat. However, there is no nutritional benefit for felines who consume toast. This food will do your cat no good. Cat Owners Beware While your cat […]

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Can Cats Eat Cereal?

We would not recommend feeding your cat cereal of any form. While your cat technically can eat cereal, he or she should not. Cereal is not poisonous for your cat. Eating cereal will not cause your cat to suffer. You won’t have to take your cat to the vet immediately after he or she eats cereal. […]

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Best Cat Food for IBS

Does it seem like your cat is struggling with stomach problems more than others?  Are they throwing up often, coping with diarrhea, and eating less? Consistent problems with any of the above issues may be a sign your cat is suffering from inflammatory bowel syndrome or IBS.  And what’s even more, is you may be feeding your cat the […]

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